Datscha Radio Taiwan

Sunday, Nov 10 / 11 pm – 12 pm

From 15th of January to the 17th of March 2019 Gabi Schaffner was invited to install her project Datscha Radio at the Treasure Hill Artist Village in Taipei, Taiwan. Datscha Radio is a nomadic and temporary radio station that focuses on radio art and ecology. Founded in a traditional “Schrebergarten” in Berlin, Datscha Radio takes the garden as its matrix and metaphor for sharing, diversity and organic growth.

In Taipei she staged six radio broadcasts (between 3 and 5 hours long) together with local and international artists. The fifth show on the 10th of March, of which we hear an excerpt of one hour, explored the situation of creative women in the Asian art world. More information about Datscha Radio and its past and current iterations you can find on https://datscharadio.de.

Gabi Schaffner works as a transdisciplinary traveling artist and performer. More about her on https://schaffnerin.net

DRT #5: Resume „Women in the Field“

Artists present and the music played: Huang, Sze-Ting, instrumentalist, composer Liuqin; Huang, Hsuan-Jung (Lori), instrumentalist, composer Pipa; Hsu, Yenting. Sound art composer and Installation artist; Liao, Yun-Chan, Director of Common Wealth’s Opinion channel, Ora-Ong Chakorn, publisher and editor, Claire Bushby, artist and curator and Jeng, Cheau-Wen (Berry) , Taipei Culture Foundation (TCF), the Associate Manager at Dept. of Management.

Lori Huang
Wu, Hoa-Yuan: Su— After reading Tang Poetry “Pipa Xing”
“Pipa Xing” written by Poet Bai, Ju-yi in 816.
Sze-Ting Huang: .Cuban Oregano(左手香) – Liuquin piece
Lost Sound Studio (Recording) Osmanthus Alley
Zheng: Yang, Yi-Wei | 古箏:楊懿惟
Pipa: Huang, Hsuan-Jung | 琵琶:黃璿蓉
Zhongruan: Huang, Sze-Ting | 中阮:黃思婷
Lori Huang + Sze-Ting Huang: ImprovisationHsu Yenting: Laundromat (Installation excerpt); Waterland (Documentary excerpt)

Sheryl Sheung: Vitality Conversations
‘Vitality Conversations’ is an ongoing project that involves interviews with women who respond to the idea of blossom with tales of their own life stories. Fictional and true stories are weaved together into an abstract stream of life energy that serves as the soundtrack to an installation of vased flowers illuminated by a looped performance of flowers blooming.

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