Radiolab at Seanaps Festival 2020

This year we are once again accompanying the Seanaps Festival in Leipzig in cooperation with Radio Blau, Radio Corax and Cashmere Radio.

After the start in 2019 there will also be a temporary radio station as a laboratory for contemporary radio this year. As a platform and presentation space for acoustic art forms, the Radiolab offers scope for current radio practice and experimental radio formats. In addition, the radio accompanies the events of the festival, gives insights into its background as well as into the working methods of the invited artists and their positions. In addition, the music program will be broadcasted live on the festival radio this year and can therefore also be experienced by the audience who are not present.


In the Villa Plagwitz, the broadcasting station of the Radiolab is being built as an open meeting place. The listeners are invited to enter the radio room, take part in discussions and actively help shaping it. This reveals the technical side of the otherwise invisible medium and expands the virtual radio space with a physical discourse space that is equally open to visitors, makers and artists of the festival.


The Radiolab broadcasts online via the stream of the radio collective Sphere Radio, Leipzig. By networking with the free radio stations and cooperatives Radio Blau, Leipzig, Radio CORAX, Halle / Saale and Cashmere Radio, Berlin, the program can also be received via VHF. The radio program is documented and archived through the online platforms of Sphere Radio and Seanaps Festival.

You can find more information about the program at:

Stay spherical!