Here you can listen to our program recorded through the Radiolab Livestream at Seanaps Festival for transdisciplinary music, 2019.

Thu, November 7
11 am

Coffee, tea & talk
12 amRadiotarot
A radio play by Burgund T Brandt
12.30 pmSèbastien Branche (Concert)
1.15 pm Writers Corner
Reading: Ricarda Kiel
Reading: Felix Wagala
1.40 pmTramway Sounds (Field Recording)
2 pmHow do others? (Panel)
Panel and Project Presentation on DIY organization structures, financing, networking and sustainability
4 pmIOI
A performance by Olivier Gobelet and Jonas Wiese
5 pmLa calzamaglia und das Nähzwerg  (Performance)
with Sofie Heinz (Stadtteil von Weimar), DJ Shlucht (Kotti) & jayrope (Wedding)
Fr, November 8
11 am

Coffee, tee & talk
1 pmThe Compression Chamber (Performance)
Knut Aufermann
2.15 pm Points East und der subkulturelle Austausch zwischen Ost und West  (Talk)
with Alexander Pehlemann & Chris Cutler
3.15 pm Who with whom? Subculture and the Mauerfall (Talk)
with Alexender Pehlemann & Sakrowski
4.15 pmAbout the radio as an instrument (Talk)
with i.a: Knut Aufermann & Sarah Washington, Marc Matter, Lena Löhr
5 pmLaura Not (DJ-Set)
Sa, November 9
11 am

Coffee, tee & talk
12 amBest Wurst (Performance)
Radioshow with Jan Langhammer, Elisabeth Rändel und Ralf Wendt
1 pmMusic and text from the Institute for Music and Media in Düsseldorf (Presentation)
2 pmIn Dialogue with Limpe Fuchs
+ exclusive tube radio performance
2.30 pmInterlude
Music on hold by Frank Feldmann & Stefan Schleupner
3 pmThe Complex Songs, Sara Hamdy & Chor (Performance)
4 pmLive radio play by Nina Guo & Auguste Vickunaite
4.30 pmRaspelsprech’ und Stimmgewunder (Spoken Word)
Word compositions in German by Marc Matter
5:15 pmPiece of conducted improvisation (Performance)
Workshop performance with Kamil Korolczuk & Emilio Gordoa
Sun, November 10
11 am

Datscha Radio Taiwan (Radio Play)
12 amspace – we – space (Soundwalk)
walking through the city and the aether with Geräuschkulisse & JD Zazie
2 pmHören: Field Recording Listening Session
3 pmWilted Woman Presents: Songs in the Key of Wilted (Radio Show)
3.30 pmDelmore FX live (Concert)
4 pmTransparency & Fairness (Talk)
Talk with representatives from Quartiermeister and Kolle Mate
4.45 pmBlockchain My Art. year 2. (Talk)
Talk with Maxime Faget
5.15 pmGrand Final
Thursday – Sunday
Plunderphonic Pop-ups – Johnny Head In Air mashes your tracks
Tramway Sounds
Writers Corner