008 Awareness

As the pandemic is slowly coming to an end, we are steadily moving back to normal. We’re going out more – which is great! However, this also means that whether it is a Festival, Open Air or Clubnight, FLINTA* persons have to struggle with getting hit on, comments and sexualized violence. Awareness-Teams can help in contexts of partying. This is why today we talk to Efi. She is part of an Awareness-Team for a Festival in Saxony and delivers answers to our questions. We talk about Safer Spaces, how we can help affected people and how we prevention work can look like. Moreover, Efi will explain how her Awareness-Team works and how much responsibility this means. Furthermore, we will dive into other forms of Awareness-Teams and talk to Steffen from the Jusos group in Halle, why political events are also in need of these teams.

Air date: 02/07/2021 21:00 - 02/07/2021 22:00

Language: German

Show: femmesplaining

Tags: Podcast