05 Ocean Dennis – Detiff

Fresh monothematic mixes presenting one musical key flavor in each show.

In this months episode Ocean Dennis from Berlin is mixing some versatile breaks, lazer electro, beautiful vocal parts and ambient textures, all of them produced by Vancouver based Sophie Sweetland and her various projects like D.Tiffany, Dj Zozi, Ambien Baby and many more. Splendid!

Air date: 07/05/2022 19:00 - 07/05/2022 20:00

Language: English


Tags: DJ-Set storm Energetic blue green running

Tracklist: Bobo Eyes & Plush Throw - Sea 2 Sky Like 0 to 100

D. Tiffany - Feel U

Roza Terenzi - Weakest Link (D. Tiffany Remix)

ANF - ANF Dub (D.Tiffany's Milano Remix)

Ambien Baby - Sacrifico

DJ Zozi - Zozi Theme

D. Tiffany - Butterfly Foundation

D. Tiffany - 8 In Conga R

Roza Terenzi & DJ Zozi - Half Moon Bay

D. Tiffany - Respect The Flute

Ambien Baby - AB2

NAP & D. Tiffany - Cantao

D. Tiffany - Get Back To You Soon

Ambien Baby - Amor Propio