#13: “Sounds from outer space” w/Theresa Stroetges

This episode’s guest is composer, musician and sound artist Theresa Stroetges. Her solo project is called “Golden Disko Ship”, and she is furthermore involved in diverse musical projects like “Soft Grid” or “Epiphany Wow”. She also composes music for installations, dance, performance and visual art.

For the music in this episode, we were looking for possibilities to put sounds from outer space into musical contexts. For this, we used samples of recordings made in space travel, and also assigned the distance between planets in our solar systems to musical parameters.


Gefördert von Musikfonds

Air date: 28/07/2021 20:27 - 28/07/2021 21:00

Language: German

Show: Oh No Noh Radioh

Tags: Improvisation dark amused blue flying