Fresh monothematic mixes presenting one musical key flavor in each show.

We are stoked to have basementboi back on the show – this time for  a deep dive into the creations of the multi-alias electronic musician AtomTM. Hovering between ambient and industrial, techno and pop, we get a finetuned one hour selection of audio adventures, carefully picked from the enormous flood of the artist’s output.

Sendedatum: 11/05/2023 18:00 - 11/05/2023 19:00

Sprache: English


Tags: DJ-Set Radioshow at night sun Energetic red diving sprinting

Tracklist: Semiacoustic Nature - My Bird can Sing
Señor Coconut - The Robots
No. Inc. - G@ng5ta
Atom™ & Lisokot - Be Bop a Lula
Lassigue Bendthaus - Blur
Atom™ - Der Tote Freund
Atom™ - Weißes Rauschen (erster Teil)
Atom™ - Ha-Ha-Harmony
Señor Coconut - Behind the Mask (Don Atom Super Volt Remix)
HAT - Malihini Mele
Atom™ - Radio Interview 2
Atom™ - Maniac
Atom™ & Lisokot - Leitmotif II
Atom™ - Time 2 Kill
Atom™ - Strom
Atom™ - Überleitung
LB - Jealous Guy (Poeme Non-Syncope)
Lassigue Bendthaus - Polaire