#21 Distant Sediments 2 w/Jenny Berger Myhre + F.S. Blumm

This episode features guests Jenny Berger Myhre and F.S. Blumm. Similar to the formation of sediment stones out of several different layers, we created three musical pieces out of the combination of musical layers.

The base for the three passages is one soundart/fieldrecording piece each, created by one of us. As an overlay both other musicians added an improvisation as an overdub. Each of the three passages was shaped in their timbre and structure in different ways.

Jenny Berger Myhre

*1991, living in Oslo. She’s a multidisciplinary artist in the fields of sound, video and photography. Her music is developed from field recordings, melodic fragments, computergenerated sequences, modular synths and lofi electronics – Jenny is at home in the tradition of electroacoustic music as well as in experimental pop.


F.S. Blumm

*1968, living in Berlin. Frank Schültge is an author, producer and multiinstrumentalist. He works in different collaborations and releases both radio plays and musical albums under the moniker “F.S. Blumm”. 

Supported by Stadt Leipzig, Digitales Kleinprojekt.

Air date: 20/04/2022 17:50 - 20/04/2022 18:20

Language: without Speech

Show: Oh No Noh Radioh

Tags: Improvisation evening light attentive blue flying