#25 “Listening To Words” w/Elsa M’Bala

This episode’s guest is sound artist Elsa M’Bala. In her music she breaks with structures of western classical music and uses electronics, besides her voice and different instruments. In several interdisciplinary encounters, she reflected on inclusion and visability of minorities. She performed internationally at Akademie der Künste Berlin, Casino Luxembourg-Forum d’art contemporain, Dak’Art Biennale and others.
As an inspiration for the music in this episode we translated the ductus speech in interviews into musical parameters. We did this both with altered recordings, as well as using the rhythm and melodies of recorded speeches. We used several interviews that interested us both in terms of content and melodically.


Sendedatum: 27/10/2022 17:02 - 27/10/2022 17:32

Sprache: German

Sendung: Oh No Noh Radioh

Tags: Improvisation in the evening delighted blue laying