#7 Gedenkstätte meets … the AG Geschichte des Treibhaus Döbeln e.V.

In the seventh episode, we talk to Sophie Spitzner and Stephan Conrad about 10 years of local history research in Döbeln, remembrance culture work in Saxony, and why educational trips to the former concentration camps of “Aktion Reinhardt” are especially close to their hearts.

Speakers: Fania Stehmann, Jonas Nachtigall
Interview partners: Sophie Spitzner, Stephan Conrad
Sound & Technology: Mirko Koch, Fania Stehmann and Jonas Nachtigall
Music: Raphael Deindl and Daniel Günther

Sendedatum: 01/11/2022 18:33 - 01/11/2022 19:00

Sprache: German

Sendung: Podcast of the Leipzig Nazi Forced Labour Memorial

Tags: Talk Information Education History Podcast Report dark attentive no colour diving