Dope Gal Africa w/ Donia Touglo – 2nd October 2021

On this episode,I  celebrate the multidimensional genre defying works of talented artist Donia Touglo as well as revisiting an interesting but very important conversation we had  about the industry the last time we were together  in Cologne.

Donia Touglo is an artist who identifies herself as a multidimensional being having an earthly experience.In her music she plays with several genres and voices – from world music to afrobeats / house, electronics, neo-soul, psychedelic and others.She writes her extensive Lyrics in Ewe, English, sometimes in German and in the language of her soul.

-“Everything that feels good to my soul” .- or-Touglo Sounds – this is how Donia describes her music

Air date: 02/10/2021 19:00 - 02/10/2021 20:00

Language: English

Show: Dope Gal Africa

Tags: Feature Interview Entertainment Music Ambient Soul Jazz RNB Electro Psychedelic Folk evening light sun amazed bright Dancing glad warm-hearted white orange dance flying cooking

Tracklist: Donia Touglo - FAkofDShitLezGo2 Hyptroteapia
Donia Touglo - Feed me right
Donia Touglo ft Dj Jahdas - Ginger Tea
Donia Touglo ft Dj Jahdas - Uhuru
Donia Touglo ft Jodio - ONE DAY
Donia Touglo - AELEVI
Donia Touglo - TOUGDJE
Donia Touglo ft Nana D'artist - The Call
Donia Touglo ft Katmanka - Aniye
Donia Touglo, Catu Diosis, Shelly Quest &DJ Soulbase - So Fine
Donia Touglo ft DJ Soulbase - Zander
Donia Touglo ft Aldo 3 - Segen