FLINTA-Solidarität? Eine gemeinsame Rekonstruktion

“There are forms of discrimination that we face because of our experiences as females. The fact that those experiences are actually seen and that the effects in the psyche are acknowledged and then being offered direct help – that is already outstanding for me. I’m very grateful for that and I#ve never experienced it in this form with cis male friends.”

The second season of VomensBar digitale starts now!

To celebrate, we’re not only reviewing the past ten episodes, but also wanted to reflect with you on what makes FLINTA spaces special. That’s why we reached out you in advance. We received plenty of responses from your voice messages. About courage, support and solidarity – and also criticism. What makes FLINTA spaces (like VomensBar) special is a common goal. A different togetherness. Ethinking can’t come about without conflicts and arguments with oneself and others. In this respect, cancelling oneself, others and unfortunately also some friendships and constantly reevaluating and adjusting one’s own attitudes is simply a productive and conequent step of an inclusive, anti-patriarchal movement.

Air date: 07/05/2021 20:00 - 07/05/2021 21:00

Language: German

Show: Vomens Bar digitale

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