Frothed Nucleon’s Squiggly Tunes – Глупышка Guyana Mix

Not really on the north coast of South America; rather on the west coast of European mainland. Let’s let my non-human counterpart do the work: “Popcorn, Enaune, Opus V, Kyrie and the Cunctipotens genitor Deus. Strung With Everything, THEE ANNUNCIATION OF THE FACEHUGGER ZICLA,Emanglons – Nous, C’Est Tout (D’Après Un Thème Du XVIIIème Siècle, Anonyme Français) Yellow Magic Harpsichord and Rydeen, Les Clefs, Home Before Dark, THE MESSAGE Blood,I Can Fly in Love With You. Spore is here. Priddy, Dyers Veil, Priddy, Ulkal’s Gorgeous Armada, WHITE MANY THINGS Gentle Giant : Holographic Lyrics, Leaving You For The World Again, Death, Lock, Shock and Repeat Things, Salt Thighs. Flandor, Priddy, Sharik, Aethel, Donkey Kong Country 3. Boards of Canada – Ghost E.O., The Sea of Trees and Stars. Fantastic Plastic Machine, Spike Island, Funplex, Rounded Flamingos, La Tristesse Durera Le Vin. Björk – Vespertine. Melvins – King Buzzo of the Melvins, The Sin Sin Crush Vine, You Can’t Have Everything. Man – Bioharmonic Instrumentals, Buffalo Freeze, Visions, Working With Posh, Durand Graffiti, Anthony Appice: Greatest Hits, Charlemagne: The Rapid Fire Fiasco, DAWN BOY, No Worries, Soups, Braughton’s Corner, Grace Schulze and the Last Hope, Fauvel, Master Tones, Monkey Beach, Violetta’s Comet. Henry, Disengage Defuse, Sophie Davis, Puberty Blues, Lingua Mortis, Subline, Alveole, Chris Rapier, Sashay Matinee, Pollen, Progression: The Work of French Composer Daniel R. Morey. Hate Stream, I Did It! Pack Hate Stream Sacrament, Magenta Mouth, The Holy Sun, Bah-Bus Mausoleum, Front Door, Failure to Launch, Doomsday Radio, The Picture Of Nola, Age of Innocence, 13, Clean. Grunge,”

Air date: 17/04/2022 19:30 - 17/04/2022 20:30

Language: English

Show: Frothed Nucleon’s Squiggly Tunes

Tags: Music Sound Collage Sound Art Classical experimental Ambient Chanson bright sun curious desperate blue white laying

Tracklist: Olivier Bloch-Lainé - Mercredi
Slauson Malone - THE MESSAGE 3: Blood (see page 39, 179, and Bye)
Will Gant - Summer Garbage
tise drama & js donny - HARD DYING
Purling Hiss - Digh High
Spore Soundtrack Generative Composition Excerpt 1 (Brian Eno Sounds)
Three Legged Race - Persuasive Barrier
picnic - hazel (with Panphilia)
Frank Royon Le Mée - Un Flan, C'est Tout (D'Après Un Thème Du XVIIIème Siècle, Anonyme Français)
ZICLA - Emanglons​-​Nous
Typhonian Highlife - The Annunciation Of Thee Facehugger
Yakub - Popcorn
Spore Soundtrack Generative Composition Excerpt 2 (Brian Eno Sounds)
Kyrie IV – Cunctipotens Genitor Deus