Frothed Nucleon’s Squiggly Tunes – Спальный микс

No need to hold on too tightly. “You were chopping celery for soup and you wanted to cry because you felt trapped.” But that’s okay. “You remembered your first breath of air. You tried to write down what it tasted like but the words escaped.” I need to dive, and then I need to surface. The flight is at 7am, so you fell asleep wearing my wool sweater, stitching imprint on your ear. Who’s ear is it? We watched Solaris and kept talking about the ear. Listen : )

Air date: 20/02/2022 19:30 - 20/02/2022 20:30

Language: English

Show: Frothed Nucleon’s Squiggly Tunes

Tags: Music Sound Collage Ambient Folk experimental Classical bright in the morning intimate Dancing white red laughing flying