4. Frühlingsgefühle

This is a Spring Episode, which will give you music to enjoy the sweetest season of them all, its nice weather and long days. On top of that, we will discuss moving issues such as moll-songs, plastic surgery, and electro-clubs. Have fun!

Air date: 16/06/2021 17:00 - 16/06/2021 18:40

Language: German

Show: The Hero & The Hunter

Tags: Music Podcast sun bright relaxing green going sweating

Tracklist: Angel Olsen - Spring
Steely Dan- Peg
Jayda G - Both of Us
MGMT - Me and Michael
Princess Nokia - Saggy Denim (Feat. Wiki)
Stevie Wonder - Another Star
Isolation Berlin - Annabelle
Wayne Shorter - Ponta de Areia