Island Time #42 with Ritmo Tropical

This week on Island Time brings us a really unique and focused mix from Ritmo Tropical, a collector and DJ, focusing on Lusophonic music from Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau and São Tomé and Príncipe.

This mix is a journey to the islands of São Tome and Príncipe, giving insights into the unique rhythms of one of the smallest countries in Africa. The former Portuguese colony was once known for being one of the world’s largest cocoa producers. During the colonial regime music played a crucial role in the resistance against the colonial oppressors and in favor of movements towards independence. Influenced by numerous styles of music like Angolan Semba, Cape Verdian Coladeira and Funaná, Congolese Rumba, West African Soukous or Highlife as well as sounds of the Caribbean, a vibrant music scene emerged on the archipelago. Local Bands like Conjunto Mindelo or Os Úntuès and later Sangazuza and África Negra united these different genres with typical rhythms of São Tomé and Príncipe creating a unique sound. Thanks to those bands, genres like Socopé or Puxa – which were often sung in local dialects such as Santomé Creole – envolved.

Air date: 18/11/2021 17:30 - 18/11/2021 18:30

Language: Portuguese

Show: Island Time Radio

Tags: DJ-Set Music Education African / Middle Eastern Folk Coladeira Soukous at noon bright connected curious Dancing green yellow cooking cleaning dance running

Tracklist: África Negra - Alia Cu Omalí (Mar & Sol Records, MSR 003)
Tini Das Neves - Pegun-â Numâ Daka (Edição Táki-Talá, 003-XL)
Felício Mendes – Eu Te Amo, Lili (K Records, 4249)
Carlos Santos & África Verde – Afliçon (Gilberto Gil Umbelina, G.G.U./LP/02)
Sum Alvarinho – Oêza (Vidisco, LP-11.30.1044)
Sangazuza - Zon Fada Non (Arsom Records, 850529)
Conjunto Victória – Eu Fui à Madalena (N’Gola, NGA 178)
Tiny Das Neves & Conjunto Sol D'África - Muin Mé Chibilia (Self released, TN 001)
África Negra – Angelina (Iefe Discos, IEFE 046)
Sum Alvarinho – M'Konvètá Dédo (Iefe Discos, IEFE 030)
Conjunto Mindelo – Canivete Possom (N’Gola, NGA 172)
Conjunto Popular Os Leonenses - Povo Tlabadô (Merengue, MPA-4049)