Island Time #46 – Suriname Special

This episode we head to 🇸🇷Suriname🇸🇷 , grazing over the deep and complex musical heritage of the South American/Caribbean nation. It’s impossible to begin to talk about Suriname’s culture without understanding the effects of Dutch colonialism; from the 16th century onward , appropriated and enforced labor of Africans, and following the abolition of slavery in the 19th century, indentured servants from Indonesia and India, created a unique population with a kaleidoscope of rich and diverse traditions.From the origin of colonialism’s appalling impositions, through independence movements and  into modern day democratic transition, we just barely dig into this musical landscape, and provide a selection that speaks to an  unflinching power of the Surinamese people. Here we have 14 tracks of Indonesian pop, Kaseko, Hindi Chutney, Disco, Soul & more. joyful and highly danceable, enjoy!

Air date: 05/05/2022 17:30 - 05/05/2022 18:30

Language: English

Show: Island Time Radio

Tags: DJ-Set Music Kaseko Funk Leftfield Disco Caribbean sun curious Dancing green yellow dance working cleaning

Tracklist: Usje Sukatma - Pepundenku
Suzie Poeder - Mama Mi Mag Go Dansi Wan Disco
Arjune Popo - Lay Dja, Lay Dja
Erwin Bouterse & His Rhythm Cosmos - Disco Kaseko
Esther - Kon Firie Hei Hei
The Exmo Stars Meets Oema Soso - Unknown Title
Happy Boys - Dji Den
Fuzz - Funky Kowna
Ricky - Bongkoro
Harridath Jairam and His Friends - Ye Disco Kiahai
Tasha Winter - Look Out
Iwan Rack - So Men Tron
Sharida Piroe - Agar Toem Merie Ziendagie Me
Tiri "Fri" Jari Djinti - Mandi No Moe Dé