lange nicht gehört #01: local heroes, local zeroes. (feat. Tobi Adam)

Somewhere between obsolete and really hip, there is the music cassette. Good enough for all the local garage bands to release their first recordings. And that’s how they sound like, the tapes of my first guest Tobi, if only the tape deck at home wouldn’t need a repair. Well then, welcome to the show!

We apologize for our technically extremely bumpy start of the first half hour. Among other things, there is a short interruption of the recording at minute 11. local heroes, local zeroes …

Sendedatum: 03/11/2021 19:00 - 03/11/2021 21:00

Ort: Leipzig

Sprache: German

Sendung: lange nicht gehört.

Tags: Talk Music in the evening pleased green sitting


Sonny Smith - ?
Doc Flippers - Juicy
Schnäbbels - Mei' Oma
De Klumb - ?
Rocket Freudental - Nein, Nein, Nein
Spleen - Brought In Line
Biertrick - Late
Biertrick - Password
Flamming Lips - Right Now
Jad Fair & Kramer - Cheerleaders Wild Weekend
Daniel Johnston - Happy Time
Parking Lot - Sleep In The Snow
Nimmersatt Brothers - Snuggles
Ex White - Atomic Disease
Mosquito Ego - Vegetables
Crippled Nerd Face - ?
Charlie McAlister - Lucky Stars
Charlie McAlister - Helicopter Ride
(Unknown Artist from Forget The Night sampler, Little Axe Rec.)
(Unknown Artist from Forget The Night sampler, Little Axe Rec.)
The Lentils - ?
Squadcar96 - Verandahli Dotslap
Warm Swords - ?