lange nicht gehört #9: wheat field.

Somewhere back there, at the end of the country road, between all the golden straws, this is where it comes from. the sound of the acoustic guitar.

Air date: 06/07/2022 19:00 - 06/07/2022 21:00

Location: Leipzig

Language: German

Show: lange nicht gehört.

Tags: DJ-Set sun attracted yellow going

Tracklist: Karl Blau - Little Pink Maggot
Kurt Vile - Nikotine Blues
Neil Young - Seperate Ways
Chauchat - Like A Drum
Way Through - Henry My Son / Dunwich
Wantastiquet - [from Dead Seas]
Bill Callahan - Universal Applicant
S. Joyner & D. Callaci - Old Man In The Rain
Bright Eyes - Poison Oak
C. Worth - [from Emila]
C. Worth - [from Emila]
Glen Jones - Bergen County Farewell
Charlie McAlister - Death And The Distant
Charlie McAlister - Horizen (My Net Is Stuck)
Sonny & The Sunsets - I See The Void
Bingo Trappers - Thin Wild Mercury Sound
Simon Joyner - Courting Mary
Two Gallants - The Prodigal Son
Ilyas Ahmed - [from first album]
Tetuzi Akiyama - Time Between
Jozef Van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch - [from Apokatastasis]
Listener - You Have Never Lived ...
Smutfish - [from Trouble]
Smith - The Weight
Karl Blau - Little Pink Maggot