Leipzig Contains … MusikZeit

Big news: The Amt für Wohnungsbau und Stadterneuerung of the city of Leipzig is sharing a container with us!

The container will work as an open radio studio, including a stage for talks and music events to create an interactive space for cooperations with Leipzig‘s (socio-)cultural initiatives. Our goal is to investigate the function of radio in a public space.

The venue will be located right next to Ostwache Leipzig e.V. in Anger-Crottendorf.

The first event takes place in cooperation with Jazzclub Leipzig and revolves around a concert by Lancei & Uli – Mandeng x BAM as well as a DJ performance by Sphere Radio’s own esclé. In addition, you are invited to listen to a pre-produced radio show by Jazzclub Leipzig which focuses on the Lancei & Uli – Mandeng x BAM project.

The musical program of the evening can be experienced not only live on site, but also via our radio channel.

So join us, dip into live radio and get in touch with new people. There will be a bar with well selected drinks.

See you soon at the container!

Air date: 17/07/2021 18:00 - 17/07/2021 23:00

Location: Gregor-Fuchs-Straße 45-47

Show: Leipzig Contains … ?

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