Look Over Yonder #2

this month covering a few crutial roots chants and deadly tuned b-sides

Air date: 26/01/2022 19:00 - 26/01/2022 20:00

Language: English

Show: Look Over Yonder

Tags: Music evening light in the evening at noon relaxing no colour cooking

Tracklist: Jah Tuff - Thriller in Manila
The Abbyssinians - Mabrak
The Skull - Black Slavery Days
Sound Dimension - Double Minded Version
Prince Buster All Stars - Idi Amin (Version)
Ciddy Bop - Warrior (Version)
Billy Boyo - One Dub A Day
Tommy McCook - Death Trap
Jah Life - Dubplate Master Style
Paul Hall - Great Dub
Keithus I - Red Hot
Baba Leslie - Freedom Dub
Bullwackies All Stars - Dreadlocks Dub
Michael Palmer - No Time For Me (Version)
Stamma Rank - Taurus Special
Linval Thompson - Halla Them A Halla
Scientist - Cloning Process
The Revolutionaries - Peace
Eka Mouse - No Wicked