Malo Moray’s Aural Archives E2 – Leipzig, Horns Erben 22.01.2022 – with Gregor Forbes, Hans Arnold, Markus Rom

In this episode I broadcast the second half of Malo Moray & His Inflatable Knee’s first quartet concert.
This night’s Inflatable Knee was:
Malo Moray – Upright Bass, prepared Guitar, Electronics, Tapes, Materials
Hans Arnold – Drums, Electronics
Gregor Forbes – Synth, Grand Piano
Markus Rom – Guitar, Electronics, Organelle

Sendedatum: 05/07/2022 19:00 - 05/07/2022 19:45

Sprache: English German

Sendung: Malo Moray’s Aural Archives

Tags: Improvisation Concert Music Soundscape Sound Art Live-Set Ambient Ambient Jazz Contemporary Jazz Free Jazz Dark Ambient Krautrock in the evening worried tied up Interested Energetic no colour sitting