Old Dirty Laundry #25

“Old Dirty Laundry” is kind of a laundromat for dirty ears. The finest beats and Hip Hop records are routinely used in a spin cycle and the familiar crackling of the record leaves a comfortably warm feeling, like a fresh pair of socks.

Old dirty laundry#25: J Nuggetz

Between her very strict piano training and that in Russia not uncommon parental addiction to Modern Talking J Nuggetz only found love for her big brother’s CD collection, which left nothing to be desired from Lootpack to Smif-N-Wessun. This influence is also reflected in her spins: When it comes to Dance Music, Hip Hop simply cannot be missing. In the midst of UKGarage and grime, this passion can breathe, namely through deep and moving bass, aggressive bars or cheesy vocals, and sometimes a chord lead from the RnB. Inspired by the NUKG Movement from Great Britain, which is based on the sound of the nineties and successfully tries to raise it again, there is a small selection of fresh turn-up sounds from Leipzig’s UKGarage Selectrice.

Air date: 12/11/2021 21:00 - 12/11/2021 22:00

Language: English

Show: Old Dirty Laundry

Tags: DJ-Set bright amazed violet dance