Old Dirty Laundry #36

“Old Dirty Laundry” is kind of a laundromat for dirty ears. The finest beats and Hip Hop records are routinely used in a spin cycle and the familiar crackling of the record leaves a comfortably warm feeling, like a fresh pair of socks.

Old dirty laundry#36: Budd Hello

My first memory of hip hop, I think it was 1996, I was hanging out in our garage with my brother and a neighborhood friend listening to the  Smurfs CD “Tekkno ist cool Vol.1″and than a dubbed taktlo$$/Savas tape found its way into the kitchen radio. The lyrics are special for sure, but something hooked me back then. The art of flow, the voices, but most of all the loops. Then there were Wu-Tang, Beastie Boys, a lot of Nas, a lot of the german rap crew Blumentopf, everything from Premier (also beyond the golden years), Common, Pete Rock and all the conscious dudes and queens like Latifah, Bahamadia, Lady of Rage,Dilla. My focus was pretty much on New York, but then over to Detroit. Madlib all day long. Those are the backbones, there’s a lot in between (not to forget all the soul sisters and funk brothers…). Around 2007 I brought 2 x 1210s on eBay with the holiday money and from then on I was passionate about mixing.

Budd Hello is the name of the alter ego, who back then had a lot of energy and time and regularly and meticulously screwed up mixtapes and beats. Sometimes he is on the SP-404 or on the computer from time to time, but mainly he is chilling and providing space for the other DJ alter egos in me like Saudi Rhubarber, Coolio Iglesias, DJ Scout 24 or in a dream duo with Hermano Victor Hugo aka DJ Fiat Congo than “Los Hermanndez” or in the DJ quartet “Discosativa” with JJ Kramer and Salomo. I’m happy to have Budd Hello again as chief pilot in the control center and wish us all a pleasant one-hour neck yoga session…

Air date: 22/04/2022 21:00 - 22/04/2022 22:00

Language: English

Show: Old Dirty Laundry

Tags: DJ-Set Hip Hop bright amused violet dance