Radio Tortellini #12 – Music to wake up to and be in a good mood but my show’s in the evening

This evening will be aired a rather badly curated mix/playlist for the newest episode of Radio Trotellini. Got my weirdest songs together, some usual ambient babies, some hidden/not so hidden jewels from Russia, some new releases and the best granular samples I could find on the internet. Definitely a playlist to wake up to and be in a good mood. My show’s in the evening though ( ་ − ་ )ུ

Air date: 26/08/2021 20:30 - 26/08/2021 21:30

Language: Russian

Show: Radio Tortellini

Tags: Music Ambient / New Age experimental Dream Pop bright sun amused Dancing orange yellow blue dance laughing running

Tracklist: 1. Luce Celestiale - Discepolato Nella Nuova Era (Artetetra)
2. The Zenmenn - The Magic Eye (Music From Memory)
3. Yu Su - Futuro (bié)
4. Copacabana - Военный Поход (Hair Del.)
5. Dok-S Project - My Documents (Crash Symbols)
6. Angel Wei - Evangelion (Yegorka)
7. SKY H1 - Animal (m_division)
8. Kolya Dykhne - Tezeta (Klammklang)
9. Avner - Bed För Mig (Sincerely Yours)
10. Sunset Rollercoaster - Cofee’s On Me (-)
11. Bernthøler- My Suitor (Blue Feather)
12. World Brain, Musique Chienne - Je Ne Sais Quoi á Cette Nuit Il Reva (-)
13. Vlad Dobrovolski - The Glint Of Seawater, Or Floodwater, Or Sewage (Klammklang)