Sleep Concert – The Earth Viewing Experiment

Sleep Music is a term coined by Robert Rich, referring to music that is intended to induce the state of Hypnagogia. The hypnagogic state is an altered state of consciousness, experienced during the process of falling asleep. It is the state during which the conscious mind gradually dissolves while the unconscious drifts closer to the surface, leading one to deeper stages of sleep. It is remarkable for its vivid and nonlinear dream-like imagery and it is very receptive for artistic experience. While usually only transient and rarely remembered, through meditation and suitable stimuli – like music – it is possible to achieve Hypnagogia repeatedly and for extended periods of time.

Ideally, the music should be listened to while lying down. It should not be too loud, not louder than a person speaking with a calm voice. If you can establish something of a group setting under your respective Corona guidelines the presence of other people is beneficial to the experience.

If you decide to join on this night’s journey, you will not necessarily experience the deepest and most relaxing sleep, but perhaps something else and a night to be remembered.



Sendedatum: 10/04/2021 22:00 - 07/04/2021 06:00

Tags: Soundscape