Sorradio 82 feat. Dj Tarmin

Tarmin in da house! To whomever practices electronic-musical hobbies within the Thuringian-Saxonian bubble he definitely isn’t a blank page anymore. Living in Jena, Tarmin is one of the older sharks within the pond of this boomtown. While he had gotten lost in Leipzig for a short period of time (and for inexplicable reasons, as well), he quickly reclaimed his Jena-based residence, where he lives up to this day.

Tarmin is the ultimate synonym for versatility: from „Disco“ to „90’s Rave“ all the way to „Breakbeats“, his turntables will make them all happen. Because of this, also his latest mix, reaching from House to more progressive Tracks, becomes a perfect affair in our most honest opinion.

Tarmin also manages the podcast series „In Between“ which started in 2018 and which doesn’t hold on to pertinent genres – as already its name suggests. Thanks, Tarmin!

Hosts second hour: Gabriel

Artwork by phibstuff

Air date: 13/08/2021 22:00 - 13/08/2021 00:00

Show: Solid Rotation

Tags: DJ-Set Music