Spass am Untergang [Beda+Maik]

This was a different show. I had the human encyclopedia next to me when it comes to German language music. We had a little chat love during the last lockdowns, as it was often not possible to meet. He directly felt like co-designing a show and the topic was clear quite fast, since we had already often talked about it. This time it goes in the direction of dub and reggae influenced music, but also about early Proto-Rap made in Austria, Switzerland or Germany. We just pressed record and see what happens. The result is a 3h madness and luckily Sphere Radio played along that we were allowed to broadcast it completely. Without blahblah, just musik. I feel like this is also a good time to pause the show for an undetermined amount of time. But enough words. Thanks Beda , for sharing the wheels. Always a pleasure.


Air date: 01/02/2022 21:00 - 02/02/2022 00:09

Location: Leipzig

Language: German

Show: Spass am Untergang

Tags: Music Entertainment Education sun delighted yellow going