Stanitzel mit Schlag #4 w/ Depp Blatter & .gerd

Okay, okay… It’s time for another episode Stanitzel mit Schlag this time with your personal Depp in the mix. It has everything you need: some slow 90s Goa, Dub and Italo-Disco.

This time we have .gerd  in our guest mix. He is one of the heads behind the Heidelberg based Random Mind State label, which just released this wonderful warm, breaky house EP of Júlio Cruz. If you haven’t listend to it, go and do it now!


Air date: 21/05/2021 20:00 - 21/05/2021 22:00

Language: English

Show: Stanitzel mit Schlag

Tags: DJ-Set morning light glad blue have a shower flying sweating