TEH #95 LIVE ON AIR #4 – Sustainability within the Cultural Sector: what role can we play?

With the rise in global emergency (and therefore, cultural urgency), the
independent cultural sector is left to question the sustainability of our
practices and what radical, responsible and collective actions we must
take to support our and earth’s future. In this discussion, with leading
actors working for and with sustainability in mind, we will bring these
questions to the fore through concrete examples and question what role
we can play?

In this short broadcast, we aim to sketch out and raise awareness of best
practices in sustainable development and to present and speculate on
what this means for our field long-term.

Héloïse Lesimple
The shift project
Grita Balkute
Trash Galore
Victoria Burns
Culture Declares Emergency

Samantha Lippett
Simon Clement


Sendedatum: 09/06/2023 12:10 - 09/06/2023 12:55

Sendung: Trans Europe Halles #95 Live ON AIR: Building bridges through transnational dreams

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