Leipziger Jazztage 2021

A cooperation of the Leipziger Jazzclub e.V. & Sphere Radio e.V. – Duration: 30.9.2021 to 9.10.2021

At the Leipziger Jazztage 2021 ,,Body Time” everything revolves around the human body. We were part of it and broadcast some of the live concerts. Local and supra-regional musicians address aspects of corporeality in the context of music production and reception. Going beyond the simple exploration of the collective lockdown experience, new perspectives on our cultural (experience) life and coexistence are to be revealed.

“Berührungen sind sowas von 2019.” – Introductory Words Open Call Leipziger Jazztage

30.9.2021 “First Date” Narr/Steidle 22:00

2.10.2021 “Neues aus Brasilien via Budapest und Lagos in einem sonnenfunkelnden Mixtape zwischen Samba und Hiphop” Àbàse 00:30

2.10.2021 “Wir müssen Reden!” Snakesoda 22:00

5.10.2021 “Im Dualismus des Grooves” Popp 22:30

6.10.2021 “Floating: Reflections on Water” Euregio Collective 22:00

09.10.2021 “Synkopen – Das Pferd von hinten aufgezäumt” H.C. BEHRENDTSEN 23:30