Leipzig Contains…? #2 Initiative Postmigrantisches Radio x Pracht e.V.

Leipzig Contains…? is an experiment.

We want to find out what radio can contribute to public spaces.

The experiment starts with an office container provided by the Amt für Wohnungsbau und Stadterneuerung of the City of Leipzig.

We gradually transform the container into a public radio studio with a terrace and stage right in front.

The result is an interactive space in front of the neighborhood center Ostwache e.V. in Anger-Crottendorf.

Leipzig Contains…? #2 Initiative Postmigrantisches Radio x Pracht e.V.

For the second round of our Summer Program 2021, we cooperated with Initiative Postmigrantisches Radio and Pracht e.V.:

“What do postmigrant pitches sound like? Initiative Postmigrantisches Radio wants to explore this question in a two-part program. We will begin with a reading by Syrian poet and political activist Xoşewîst. In the second part, we will talk to musicians from the Leipzig festival Roots and Sprouts and discuss to what extent social diversity is reflected in contemporary music. We want to participate in listening sessions on-site and share our listening experiences with each other.

For the musical part of the evening, Pracht e.V. from Leipzig’s East has invited the five-piece soft psych’n’roll band Reverberation Club, who will play a live concert. Reverberation Club mix 90s psychedelic sounds with dreamy loops and droning feedback.

The evening will conclude with Pracht-duo Judith Crasser and Viky Lauda DJing together for the first time, sharing the treasures of their record cases with you.”

The entire program could be experienced live on site and via Sphere Radio’s web stream.

Location: Gregor-Fuchs-Straße 45-47