Leipzig Contains…? A Walk Through Anger-Crottendorf

Leipzig Contains…? is an experiment.

We want to find out what radio can contribute to public spaces.

The experiment starts with an office container provided by the Amt für Wohnungsbau und Stadterneuerung of the City of Leipzig.

We gradually transform the container into a public radio studio with a terrace and stage right in front.

The result is an interactive space in front of the neighborhood center Ostwache e.V. in Anger-Crottendorf.

Leipzig Contains…? A Walk Through Anger-Crottendorf

As part of our Summer Program 2021, Ulrike Gebhardt from Bürgerverein Anger-Crottendorf presents auditory impressions and voices from the neighborhood:

“Bürgerverein Anger-Crottendorf e.V. has been in existence since 2015, a year in which the district was awakened by various measures that permanently changed the neighborhood – including the construction of a school, the restructuring of the fire department and the rerouting of the S-Bahn.

The purpose of the association is to give people in the district the opportunity to take part in citizen participation processes. In the meantime, the association has become an institution that is connected with other initiatives way beyond the district. Ulrike Gebhardt has been the chairwoman of the association since its beginning.


René Zieprich – project coordinator Parkbogen Ost at Amt für Wohnungsbau und Stadtentwicklung

Dr. Manfred Maas – secret district chronicler, explores the history of the district with much commitment

Kerstin Köppen – visual artist and active member of Ostwache Leipzig e.V.

Jupp Trauth – active member of Ostwache Leipzig e.V.

Furthermore, various chance encounters were recorded, including some people from the choir of the Dreifaltigkeitskirchgemeinde.”