Leipzig Contains…? Soundwalk // Transit

Leipzig Contains…? is an experiment.

We want to find out what radio can contribute to public spaces.

The experiment starts with an office container provided by the Amt für Wohnungsbau und Stadterneuerung of the City of Leipzig.

We gradually transform the container into a public radio studio with a terrace and stage right in front.

The result is an interactive space in front of the neighborhood center Ostwache e.V. in Anger-Crottendorf.

Leipzig Contains…? Soundwalk // Transit

Part of our Summer Program 2021 was a soundwalk exploring the Anger-Crottendorf neighborhood:

“The former Karl Krause factory is currently being converted into luxury loft apartments. Why these have to be built in Anger-Crottendorf in particular remains unclear. Therefore, the Institute for Acoustic Expeditions has analyzed the sounds of the construction site from the point of view of rent development and interpreted them artistically.

The soundwalk Transit is composed of various loops that have been linked to GPS data and are played automatically after the walk is activated. To use it, a smartphone with sufficient data volume, as well as the app Echoes are necessary.

Rhythmic compositions were recorded from field recordings of the construction work in the old paper factory, which are juxtaposed with warm ambient sounds. The former railroad underpass serves as a turning point. The playing area leads across the square between the former paper factory and the old fire station, through the tunnel and to the end of the tree traffic circle on Theodor-Neubauer-Straße. Towards the south, close to the future Parkbogen Ost,  a conglomeration of an imagined past and current photographs is waiting to be discovered. The boundaries of the playing field are signaled by the sounds of ocean spray. Sphere Radio’s container is recommended as a starting point.

Stay safe and watch out for traffic! Have fun!”