In Dialogue with Limpe Fuchs + exclusive tube radio performance

Saturday, Nov 9 / 2 pm – 2.30 pm

Limpe Fuchs is a 78-year-old multi-instrumentalist and experimental musician of the first hour. For over 50 years, she’s inspiring generations by playing a large variety of self-built instruments and objects which she combines with her voice and the sounds of nature. 

Besides her performance with Peter Strickmann at Westflügel, she will also join the Radiolab for an exclusive interview and FM Radio based performance evolving from a conversation she had a while ago with Simon Clement regarding her early influences. 

In this conversation, both realized that Limpe´s very early and probably first access to electronic music, happened when she was 7 years old with one of these big AM/FM radios her family had. Back then she highly enjoyed to scroll around and stop when it reached the zone in between two stations and the sound gets fuzzy. These sounds were mysterious, unknown and fascinating but at the same time inspiring and a way of music, she has not experienced until this point. 

Later around the age of 17, she took a field trip with her class to visit one of Germany’s earliest electronic music pioneers, Joseph Anton Riedl, who by that time was in charge of the Siemens Studio for electronic music in Munich. He opened a world to her, that was until this point touched only through the radio scrolling but still totally unknown. Riedl started his work sometime in the ‘50s and later on even collaborated with Limpe Fuchs.

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