Radiolab IMPROVISORIUM @ Seanaps Festival

From September 23-25, 2022, the sixth edition of Seanaps Festival for transdisciplinary approaches in experimental music and culture takes place in Leipzig. Once again this year, there will be a temporary radio station accompanying the festival, broadcasting in cooperation with Sphere Radio.

Entitled “Improvising Present,” this year’s edition of the Seanaps Festival is dedicated to musical, artistic and cultural practices of improvisation and invites visitors to different venues in Leipzig Plagwitz in order to listen, to explore current artistic positions as well as to exchange and discuss. The program consists of concert performances, installations, interventions, open sessions,
workshops and sound walks as well as the radio laboratory.

In keeping with the festival’s title, the Radiolab explores and cultivates the IMPROVISORIUM as space, condition and oppurtinity. Radiolab participants Jasmina Al-Qaisi, Adam Frankiewicz, Sara Lehn and Gabi Schaffner create and discard formats and narratives of the medium of radio. Service, entertainment and tensions – inevitably provisional, consistently makeshift. Accompanying the festival, the radio airs happenings of the festival’s program and enters into dialogue with artists, guests and listeners. The Radiolab broadcasts on Friday from 10 am to 11 pm and on the weekend from 10 am to midnight live and tape recorded from the Salon of Villa Plagwitz, and can be received on Sphere Radio and as well as irregularly on Radio Blau 99.2 (Leipzig), Radio Corax 95.9 (Halle) and Cashmere Radio (Berlin).