Thinktank: State, Structure & Future of Streaming

From February 28 to March 4, 2022, 10 am – 4 pm, we carry out the think tank State, Structure & Future of Streaming together with Hitness Club e.V. at ZiMMT.

Over five days, we develop new concepts for digital cultural exchange.

We examine culture in the digital space from four interlocking perspectives, consisting of the social, political and economic dimensions as well as promising technical possibilities.

We invited experts to accompany us through the week with input lectures and stimulate exchange among the participants.

The findings and mediation concepts will be summarized in a final report and published as a participatory online encyclopedia at the end of the year.

All video recordings of the conference can be found through the individual day pages below.

Find more information about the program of each day here and in the timetable:

#1 – Social dimension: February 28, 2022

#2 – Political dimension: March 1, 2022

#3 – Economic dimension: March 2, 2022

#4 – Technical Dimension: March 3, 2022

#5 – Workshop Day: March 4, 2022


If you plan to participate digitally, feel free to use our little virtual Thinktank Island,

To find out how to use it, you can have a read here




The project is part of  Neustart Kultur  and KULTUR.GEMEINSCHAFTEN  funded by BKM