State, Structure & Future of Streaming #1 – Social Dimension

Day 1 – Introduction & Social Dimension

The workshop begins with an overview of social structures in which culture is embedded: networks from which it feeds and in which it can spread. With this, we aim to outline the potential of digital cultural exchange for strengthening existing and building new network structures within society.

You can actively take part in the conference through our chat.

Working questions:

  • What do existing cultural networks look like? How can they be connected to make digital cultural exchange sustainable and increase reach? Which interaction spaces are necessary and possible for successful digital cultural exchange?
  • What can a self-determined and independent social network look like?
  • What are the limits of technical transmission? What content simply cannot be transmitted digitally because it requires physical space?
  • Does digital cultural exchange have network-building effects and are these different from cultural exchange in presence?
  • Which approaches of digital cultural transmission offer recipients an emotional-sensual experience, which have a educational character? What effect does this have on a possible network-building function?


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