State, Structure & Future of Streaming #3 – Economic Dimension

Day 3 – Economic Dimension

Which particular challenges of financing and remuneration does the digital transmission of cultural content entail? Which opportunities exist for new economic models in the digital space? We would like to find out how the digital transmission of cultural contents can make cultural players more independent without being exploitative.

You can actively take part in the conference through our chat.

Working questions:

  • How could transparent, digital remuneration systems look and function? Do they constitute an alternative to conventional remuneration systems? What possibilities or hurdles exist in copyright law?
  • What possibilities are offered by collective compensation systems in combination with association models or cooperative structures?
  • What economic opportunities are brought about by the rise of virtual platforms and venues?


Julio Linares (Circles) – What is money anyways? How can we strengthen and organise local economies?

Cassie Thronton – The Feminist Economics Department & The Hologram