Space is the Place

We come from organizing the Sunday afternoon series ‘Space is the Place’ at Mjut for two years now. As live music events are barely possible these days, we ended up trying to wrap it up into a little radio show. This allows us to keep pursuing our passion for music while getting the chance to explore new ways of presenting it and maybe make you dance at home at least for a little while along the way. We focus on music with lots of feelings and rhythm from past decades that still forms the basis for many contemporary styles. We will invite friends and favorites from all over to dig everything from jazz and soul, blues and funk to dub and disco and occasionally new wave and house, hip hop and RnB. Whenever possible, we will try to honor the musicians and their social contexts by conveying background knowledge and musical developments through stylistic contexts and little accompanying texts.

Please send your ideas, love & hate to spaceisthebestofplaces(at)!


Sprache: German

Tags: Music Education DJ-Set Entertainment