TIMEZONES is a podcast series exploring the diverse worlds and practices of musical artists around the world, asking: what is involved in living and working in culture and the arts nowadays in different countries, cities, and contexts? In a long, wide swathe running from the U.S. to Bangladesh, this experimental journey processes the artists’ thoughts and moods, their social, political and intellectual realities, and their (life) philosophies into artistic audio collages. The podcast is a joint project of the Goethe-Institut and Norient, a worldwide audio-visual network and community platform for contemporary and experimental music cultures.

TIMEZONES runs the gamut of formats and content, from straight journalism to experimental and documentary approaches, from ethnography and fiction to sound art and improvisation. The podcasts experiment with new artistic forms of storytelling, dialogue and listening that transcend geographic borders and time zones as well as the boundaries between genres and artistic and cultural practices. TIMEZONES works closely together with local artists and podcast producers to present very personal portraits and stories of urban worlds. It also looks into the artists’ working conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as their international networks, personal trajectories and highly subjective impressions of the current music and art scenes around the world.

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