Let’s create shows for your needs!

The last few weeks have been very intense and we, like probably many of you, are asking ourselves: How will it go on?

We have an idea! Together with you, we would like to ask ourselves this question, develop individual solutions, network, inform and talk to each other.

Sphere Radio has been working on setting up an online radio station for a while and right on time for this so far unimaginable situation with curfew and almost total failure of public life, it is about to be operational! The audio and video stream is at the start, the homepage is ready and the studio should also be available for groups of two or fewer by the end of the week. In addition, everyone can broadcast live or pre-produced over the Internet, regardless of the studio, from any location.

Now it is a matter of creating formats based on your individual situations that will help you, your projects and the audience to get through this strange time.

To make this as diverse as possible, your creativity is required!

Whether information broadcast, readings, discussions, philosophical talks, workshops, living room concerts, sports tutorials, offers for children, art tours, cooking classes or improv theater – the possibilities are as varied as your suggestions. Get active!

In cooperation with the Pöge-Haus, Hitness Club and all Leipzig (cultural) initiatives and other people that still want to join – we want to show that the city * can do it differently! We are in the same boat and it is more important than ever to join forces to understand how we can make the best of this challenging situation.

If you / you have an idea or just feel like participating, contact us by e-mail at kontakt(at) or kontakt(at)

We look forward to an exciting future with you!