Warm Strudel Sessions

The sun is low, warm light falls through white curtains onto the woody floorboards. Texts and music resound into the timelessness of an afternoon that has already begun in the morning. A programme like nap time and apple pulp. I’m looking for texts by friends, I’ll also help myself to classics, record the texts with different speakers and choose music for them. A short intro, then word and sound alternate. Recorded in a live session, without editing. Some smoke is in the air, smell of puff pastry too.

curated by DJ CARING

Das Ploppen der Deckel

Wer kennt nicht diesen befriedigenden Sound eines frisch aufgemachten Einmachglases, wo sich der Unterdrück ins freie begibt?
Und drinnen, da wartet etwas nur darauf verspeist zu werden.

„Das Ploppen der Deckel“ ist eine Radiosendung gesendet aus einer Gartenlaube im Märkischen Viertel/Lübars am Stadtrand von Berlin.
In jeder Sendung begrüßt Yolanda einen neuen Gast mit live Musik oder Schallplatten im Gepäck und spricht über das was uns gerade am meisten bewegt. Das Kloppen der Deckel.

YOLANDA KYLOMBO – moderation und curation,
is a Berlin based artist. Her studied professions are stylised-interior and art jewelry while music, vinyls and DJ ing have been her passion on the side all along the way.

KLAUS PLÖTZLICH – production and audio technic,
is a Berlin based musician, performer and producer. He has played in several bands and is one of the founders of “Kling Klang Klong” a creative studio for sound, music and acoustic narratives.


Adapting to Complexity

Adapting to Complexity is a radioshow that examines various ways in which sensitivity and complexity can intertwine in a sonic context and explores how an auditive approach to degrowth and composting might look like.


Upon hearing children’s music everybody instantaneously thinks of nursery rhymes or music specially designed for children’s ears. This show’s sweet spot is about music for kids and adolescents alike – stuff you might hear when going out for ‘party’ with your ten-year-old mates. The gap between kids and adults is what is at play.

Tim likes being busy – running Knackless records, hosting Radio Rosenbeth, promoting his Kioskmusik hangouts and curating interdisciplinary events together with Halle-based outlet WUEST. Similarly diversified is his musical taste. However, his interest in children’s music might just come from his daytime occupation as a primary school teacher.

Island Time Radio

Island Time Radio is a love project that serves as an outlet for digging, researching and sharing international and diasporic music. Each show will explore a theme related to place and space. While there is no limitation on genre or time period, a general focus will be placed on music of Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.