Boogies e Batuques

Gustavo Veiga is a DJ and record collector from Londrina in Paraná, Brazil. He started to put himself into record players and vinyl collecting in 2014, when, in partnership with a friend, he founded a record store, where records, bazaars, and DJing became part of his routine. Over time he started to stand out when playing at events, using only LPs. He focusses on many different styles like afrobeat, funk music, salsa, jazz, including hints of cumbia and carimbó. In his hometown, he produces and plays at the “Baile do LP” party and is the founder of “Coletivo na Agulha Discos”, a large group made up of DJs, artists, and selectors who intend to bring vinyl culture back to the scene.

Fromage a trois

Fromage a trois – Anna Christian and the unknown

Who we are:


Has a short biography, which is quite not that cool. He eventually studied psychology, now he writes plays and does theatrical stuff with a proud number of publications (1).


likes to do everything – although never for long. At the moment she would like to write a novel, make music, produce a radio play or earn money. Now she gets Hartz 4 for a start and lives at the fifth floor with access to the roof.

(We’re not afraid of answers – we have none, anyway)

Reading/ Talk/ associative tasting (music, quotes, cheese, guests and everything else that can be tasted)

Every two weeks we dedicate ourselves to a topic, playing with thoughts and maybe even present a fact or two.

Chef’s suggestion: self written texts as scenic reading from our daily offer.

The rest emerges while we’re playing.