#11 KRKRKR, guest Werfol

Podcast Guest’s Werfol is a Kaliningrad-based producer who started his career in 2016. He easily maneuvers between dance and ambient / cinematic music, which he creates under his side project Danil Inyushkin.
As well as writing different music, he also changes the mood in his sets so as not to get bored. Werfol has been noted for releases on labels such as: Trip, Resonance Moscow, Collective Russia, Dissonance Moscow, Kruzhok.

Sendedatum: 18/08/2021 22:00 - 23/08/2021 00:00

Ort: Kaliningrad

Sprache: ohne Sprache

Sendung: KRKRKR

Tags: DJ-Set Ambient nachts amüsiert Schwarz schwimmend