M E T A L – 3

M E T A L … a new sphere

A musical and sound synthesis of many genres that I have tackled (culture: rock, radio art, ambient, electronic, classical, dance, soundscapes, folk, jazz, spiritual, mixtapes, fusion) plus the contemporary and new that I continue to discover. The idea is to work with what is currently called „musical sound information“, from the new media and the internet as a support for research.

Art and production: Rubén Marino Tolosa / Argentina

Sendedatum: 25/02/2021 15:00 - 25/02/2021 16:00

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Sendung: M E T A L

Tags: Sound Kollage Soundscape Musik hell bewölkt hagel sturm sonne mittags nachmittags aufmerksam befriedigt beklommen betroffen desillusioniert erwartungsvoll interessiert zugewandt Energetisch Weiß kriechend krabbelnd robbend tauchend