Neue Reize / Transmission 3

Music to watch the stars go down and rise again, see comets pass by in outer space and look at the clouds with closed eyes.

Listen closely and receive a novel stimulus – don’t let yourself be haunted by the legend of better days.


Presented by Fela Kulki.

Artwork by Leon Seidel.

Sendedatum: 16/08/2020 22:15 - 16/08/2020 23:15

Ort: Leipzig

Sprache: ohne Sprache

Sendung: Neue Reize

Tags: Sound Kollage Soundscape Sound Art Musik Ambient / New Age Ambient Electronica Ambient Psychedelic Folk Drone Field Recordings Soundtrack abendlicht nachts aufmerksam betroffen entzückt erstaunt gespannt herzenswarm hingezogen neugierig verbunden verwundert zufrieden keine Farbe liegend fliegend schwimmend schwitzen

Tracklist: Rapoon - Rains
Rapoon - Total Crossing (Constructed By Colin Potter)
Rapoon - Bol Baya
Toshifumi Hinata - Colored Air
Quarion - Ultramarine
Michel Banabila - In A Language I Can Understand
Zombie Zombie - Lune Noire
Oren Cantrell - Tiangi
Sheila Chandra - Mecca
Sarah Davachi - Untitled, Live In Portland (Excerpt)
Konx-Om-Pax - Beatrice's Visit (Huerco S. Extended Stay - The Morning Version)
Kim Hiorthøy - Spor 07
A i w A - Etamorph
Alfred R. Stielau-Pallas - Die Spielregeln des Erfolgs: Die Spielregeln für Mut und Konsequenz, Casette 8
Iasos - Infinite Mercy & Compassion