Neue Reize / Transmission 8 / Zygoot Special

Who is Zygoot?

Zygoot was the name of a 70s dutch electronic duo pioneering a distinct sound between what would come to be called ambient and a loop-based compostition approach. Despite all original recordings being destroyed by band member Jasper van Kerkhof in 1979 due to creative differences, parts of the visionary music of Zygoot could be recovered through space and time by means of modern technology and esoteric techniques of the Self.

The mix you will hear was recorded by Zygoot in the Prepaid Records headquarters as part of the ongoing Prepaid Radio series – including unreleased demo tracks.

Some of Zygoot’s music is also available via bandcamp:


Presented by Fela Kulki.

Artwork by Leon Seidel.

Sendedatum: 17/01/2021 22:15 - 17/01/2021 22:15

Sprache: ohne Sprache

Sendung: Neue Reize

Tags: Sound Kollage Soundscape Sound Art Musik Ambient / New Age Ambient Electronica Ambient Avant Garde Drone experimental Musique Concrete Field Recordings sonne morgens nachts aufmerksam erfreut erstaunt erwartungsvoll heiter interessiert zufrieden Weiß liegend sitzend fliegend