Zena Kollektiv presents Sara Persico #8

Sara Persico (she /her)

,,Sara Persico (Naples, 1993) is an Italian audiovisual artist based in Berlin.

Her interest and research include a strong visual approach in her impulsive performances.

In 2018 has been selected for the Temp Studio mulPmedia residency in Lisbon (PT), where she presented her solo performance 7ST for voice, electronics and screening of videos. She has been part of the Amplify Berlin residency in April 2020. In October 2021 she presented her first audiovisual installaPon “Dammi sa manu, chi so gherrende” in ArgenPera for a project produced by Sardegna Teatro.

Sara performed during several tours in Europe for fesPvals and events such as Bologna Elettrica, Multiversal, Bologna Jazz Festival, Napoli Teatro Festival, Santarcangelo Festival, Damas Lisboa, MultiMadeira, Zaratan Arte Contemporanea, O Salgado Faz Anos Fest, Vorspiel, Radical DB, LIFE Libertas, Radio Alhara Experimental, Dancity Festival.“

Sendedatum: 15/01/2022 21:00 - 15/01/2022 22:00

Ort: Berlin, Heidelberg

Sprache: Englisch


Tags: DJ-Set Ambient bewölkt aufmerksam Rot liegend

Tracklist: Alessandro Bose0 - Laida and Mikel Looking for Rhymes

Jasmine Guffond - An U?ery Dark Spot

Space Afrika - craze + bly
Romain Bertheau - Escherichia Coli

AS (Agnese Menguzzato/Sara Persico) - A Matter of Truth
Dawuna - The Ape Prince

Coby Sey - All Change

Deena Abdelwahed and Mazen Kerbaj - Blue MaledicPon
Arca - Self Defense

Samba - Snakes. Egos

Muqata’a - live session Recordat Amman #008 

Scotch Rolex (feat.Chrisman) - Cheza

Hüma Utku - Black Water Red

Anne Imhof, Eliza Douglas, Billy Bultheel - Too Late