ZENA presents OLIV #10

ZENA presents OLIV #10

Activist and artist OLIV is one co-founder of the feminist ZENA Kollektiv and part of Breidenbach Label. With a wide spectrum of efforts to generate more spaces, conversations, and networks opportunities for FLINTA* artists, OLIV is a music lover and explorer by heart. For some years OLIV has been twisting knobs and turning records – always varying between different genres like Experimental, Electroacoustic Music, Minimal, House, Tech, Breakbeat, Electro, Acid and Bass. She has been playing various clubs in Germany as well as London& Amsterdam, supporting various artists, e.g. Shanti Celeste, Saoirse, Object Blue, Cinthie & Kiddy Smile to name a few. For some time, she has become increasingly involved with the interface of electronic dance music and electroacoustic music and the emergence of both genres. She incorporates this scientific approach into various radio mixes, including on Refuge Worldwide, Dublab Brazil and Rinse France.

about the mix:

„Is the music industry female dominated?“

Nu Jazz, Soul, R&B, Experimental Jazz, UK Hip Hop, Neo Soul

It doesn’t come as surprise that women were and still are underrepresented in all fields of music production, practical experience, musicology, music journalism etc.
This unbent and easygoing mix aims to highlight some female artists in other pop-cultural genres than electronic music.

Sendedatum: 19/03/2022 21:00 - 19/03/2022 22:00

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